Monday, March 23, 2015

Seventies’ Glam

Spring is in the air and New Yorkers are trading in their winter garb for softer colors and prints, with a nod to seventies’ glam. The seventies was a decade filled with uncertainty and freedom, and this atmosphere drove fashion trends and helped spark an explosive cultural scene.

The Museum at FIT is currently showcasing two designers whose signature looks truly define this time. In its exhibit “Yves Saint Laurent + Halston: Fashioning the 70s,” each designer’s distinct style is evident, yet the collection suggests connections between them and shared themes. Think Yves Saint Laurent’s Le Smoking women’s tuxedo or Halston’s signature shirtwaist dress. These now classic designs were revolutionary for womenswear at the time. With these looks, Halston and Saint Laurent put a twist on what was originally accepted for menswear only. They blurred the lines between the genders and reinvented the way in which we dress.

To learn more about this glamorous decade, or just get some inspiration for your next look, check out these books available at the Adrian G. Marcuse Library.

By Elaine Gross
Call Number:  DES HAL

By Farid Chenoune and Florence Müller
Call Number: 746.92 SAV and DES ST L

By Hasse Persson
Call Number: 778 PER

By Alicia Drake
Call Number:  746.9 DRA 

By David Wills
Call Number: 779.2 WIL

By Jacqueline Herald
Call Number: 391.009 1970 FOAD

Source: The Museum at FIT.  “Yves Saint Laurent +Halston:  Fashioning the 70s.” Special Exhibitions Gallery, February 6 – April 18, 2015

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Adrian G. Marcuse Library & LIM College Closed for Spring Break

The Adrian G. Marcuse Library faculty and staff wish the LIM College community a safe and relaxing spring break. We will be closed Monday, March 16 - Friday, March 20 and will re-open Monday, March 23. 

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Your Brain at Work

658.4 ROCK
David Rock

Your Brain at Work by David Rock is a very informative neuro-scientific book based on structure and organization. It is interesting how relatable these illustrations are to your own life. If you ever find yourself stuck in any task, do you procrastinate? Do you distract yourself with other non-important things just to postpone the important assignment that you have in front of you. Ever find yourself daydreaming too much and losing focus on what is important? Are you mindful of the present? This book explains step-by-step rules on how the brain can overcome distraction in the work environment and provide tactical solutions for issues that arise in daily life situation. It also illustrates life scenarios, in which most people can relate to, such as tackling everyday activities that may interfere with one’s ability with social emotional intelligence and I.Q. The secrets revealed in this book are clear, although there is no such thing as a perfect setting or brain; changing your thinking patterns to positive solutions, as well as ceasing in becoming over- analytical in social and productive settings can help one overcome any task and event.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to train their brain and boost their I.Q. including emotional intelligence because a healthy brain equals a healthy lifestyle, as well as prosperous longevity in life.

Posted on March 13, 2015 I Blog post by Michelle Duron (LIM College student)

Monday, March 9, 2015

Self Actualization and Motivation

I happened to read a couple pages of “The Power” by Rhonda Byrne and was instantly drawn the ideology of it. Each of us individually have the power over ourselves, including how we react to things and what we attract. We give off energies and vibes off into the universe that may attract negative or positive things. I found the law of attraction very interesting because it really enforces the idea that what we give off into the universe, the universe gives back to us. Although some may not agree that everything happens by our personal attitude or happiness, it was a great perspective. Look at it this way: being positive and happy will help better fuel you better to your goals without the obstacles of frustration getting in your way. Your attitude probably has affected something good in your life once or twice, but the only person who holds the power to change that is you. While being in college things in our lives become very overwhelming, and sometimes reacting negatively becomes a habit. And then disappointment becomes too often of an emotion because you thought you could have done better. How often do you sit down and realize your accomplishments and congratulate yourself? And realize your worth and importance to yourself and others? From personal experience acknowledging my progress and reacting to it positively has only rewarded me with a better outcome.

155.25 BYR
Rhonda Byrne

Here are some others motivational and self-actualization books:

158.1 COO 
Robert K. Cooper

153.9 ROB
Ken Robinson

158.1 SHE
Robert M. Sherfield

158.1 ARD
Paul Arden

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Ask-a-Librarian Has a New Look for Spring!

This spring the Adrian G. Marcuse Library is pleased to announce the new look of our Ask-a-Librarian online chat reference program. It makes it easier than ever to ask one of the Librarians a question while at Townhouse, 5th Avenue, the Dorms, or Home. 

Ask-a-Librarian is available:

  • Monday - Thursday from 12-2pm & 6:30-8:30pm 
  • Occasional Saturdays (4/25, 5/2, 5/9) from 12-4pm

It is accessible three different ways. 

1) On our home page, click on the Red 'ask' button to chat with us.

2) On our Research Help page.

3) On our Research Guides.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Come Celebrate Women's History Month with the Adrian G. Marcuse Library

The Adrian G. Marcuse Library is celebrating Women's History Month with our Library display this month. Stop by and check out a book on an influential woman today!

305.48 ISR
Betsy Israel

305.409 EGE
Elizabeth Eger and Lucy Peltz

391 SCO
Linda M. Scott

306.874 STA
Stephanie Staal

Trial Databases for Spring 2015

The Adrian G. Marcuse Library is always looking for new resources to provide to students, but to determine which to get we’d like your help.  Check out these new databases, and let us know what you think!  Remember, these will only be available for a limited time, so if there’s one you really like, let us know—your feedback might get it placed in our permanent collection.

The Videofashion Library brings together 1,200 hours of vivid video capturing the many faces of fashion. It compiles nearly 40 years of worldwide fashion shows, designer profiles, documentary segments, and more into one convenient online learning interface.
Trial ends: March 15, 2015 

A collection of streaming educational films and videos containing over 26,000 films from over 800 producers including the Criterion Collection, First Run Features, Kino Lorber, MEF, PBS and more. The Media Education Foundation (MEF) Collection includes 141 videos to encourage critical thinking about the social, political, and cultural impact of American mass media. With a special focus on representations of gender and race, and the effect these representations have on identity and culture.
Trial ends: March 21, 2015 

Entrepreneurial Studies Source offers users a trusted source of full text for business periodicals and reference books, as well as case studies, company profiles and more. The database also includes videos with transcripts and related articles from the Harvard Faculty Seminar Series and Vator.TV, one of the world’s largest social network sites for high-tech entrepreneurs. (More information on titles and coverage)
Trial ends: April 17, 2015

This extensive resource provides coverage of the scientific and technological aspects of textile production and processing. (More information on titles and coverage)
Trial ends: April 17, 2015

This collection provides full-text coverage for trade and industry-related periodicals. (More information on titles and coverage)
Trial ends: April 17, 2015

You can also access these and many other valuable resources on the Library’s Website.

Email us ( and let us know your feedback on our trial databases!

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